What is an incubator kitchen?

Whidbey Kitchen will be an incubator kitchen, providing an opportunity for a food business to grow and become established. It will be a shared, fully-licensed commercial kitchen space with professional equipment, cold & dry storage, affordable rental rates, and additional business development services.

 An incubator kitchen allows you to launch your business with less risk and lower start-up costs. Makers of jams, sauces, baked goods, spice mixes/rubs, catered meals, and more will be able to benefit from Whidbey Kitchen. Farmers needing to process fresh produce or contemplating value added food production will find what they need in this facility. 

As an incubator, we will also offer classes and technical assistance from food business experts for new food entrepreneurs. Goosefoot and Whidbey Kitchen will provide "how-to" workshops covering food licensing requirements, product development and marketing, pricing, and more.

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Whidbey Kitchen Layout & Equipment

Two separate kitchens will be available for rental: a catering or "wet" kitchen and a baking kitchen. All equipment will be of commercial quality.

Catering / "Wet" Kitchen Equipment
6-burner gas range with oven
Double deck convection oven
Steam jacketed kettle
Food processor
10 qt. planetary mixer
Oversize stock pots
 Immersion blender
Reach-in refrigerator
Reach-in freezer

Baking Kitchen Equipment
Double deck convection oven
Single deck convection oven
40 qt. planetary mixer
10 qt. planetary mixer
Countertop induction range
Wood topped work table
Reach-in refrigerator
Reach-in freezer

Additional Equipment & Notes
10 x 10 walk-in cooler*
Baking pans
Sheet pan racks
Dry storage space
*Please contact us if you will need freezer space as we are unable to provide a walk-in freezer.